Individual Yoga Therapy

What is a Yoga Therapy session?
As opposed to a yoga group class, an individual yoga therapy session may be needed or required for different reasons:

  • Specific health concerns that cannot be addressed in a group setting. The student/client may require more time and attention from the teacher to make an individual assessment of his/her current health condition and needs, and the creation of a customized plan to address them. It also may involve follow up sessions to support the student/client in applying the plan to the student’s lifestyle, making necessary adjustments to meet the student/client needs.
  • Personal student’s choice due to a desire for a more intimate setting, due to social discomfort, lack of acceptance of client’s physical condition, conflict of schedule between client’s needs and IYC classes, or need for a more personal attention to address questions regarding client’s spiritual path or deeper understanding of his/her yoga practice.

What does an individual Yoga Therapy session consists of?
Depending on the needs of the client, the session may focus on just the physical postures, the application of the Raja Yoga principles (yoga philosophy) to the postures or to the client’s lifestyle, habits or patterns, that he/she would like to change.

It may take the form of an individual hatha class on a yoga mat in a safe, caring and confidential setting, or just sitting in meditation cushions. This last one may have the format of an individual Raja Yoga Class, where the daily issues are being explored under the guidance of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This session may involve personal journaling and specific “homework” that may include a personal yoga practice to apply those teachings to the client’s personal life.

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