Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy GROUP Program

 FIND PEACE, an 8-week Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Group Program, with a ONE day Silent Retreat (on a weekend day)

 Coming up in the SUMMER/FALL 2015!!

Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm

Silent Retreat: One Saturday or Sunday during the 8 week program , 9am-5pm

Location:  Near Byrd Park/Carytown (call for exact location)

Tuition: TBA ($208 (50% off) for alumni of any previous PRYT group program, individual clients of PRYT or current students of Integral Yoga /YogaHelps. It includes:

  • a Home Practice Manual & audio CD

 For those paying a FULL TUITION, it also includes:

  • Michael Lee’s book “Turning Stress into Bliss”, on which the program is based
  • One complimentary individual PRYT session

Read testimonials from current and former participants.

More Testimonials from private and group PRYT sessions.

Program Overview:

The program follows a progressive, thematic approach to Awareness, choice and change, and is effective for a broad spectrum of participants coping with stress or illnesses, such as cancer, and other chronic autoimmune diseases as well as mental/emotional conditions, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and others.  It is also helpful for anybody going through any transition in life (divorce, loss and  grief, change of jobs, etc) or just for finding purpose or meaning in life.

The program structure consists of 8-weeks covering 8 themes and an all-day silent retreat midway, which helps to take the work deeper.

The themes are key to facilitating inner exploration, they include:

1. Befriending your Body: noticing our relationship with our body and learning to listen to our body’s wisdom.

2. Awareness: cultivating awareness of body experience in practice and in daily life.

3. Choice: Observing the way we make or not make choices in our daily life, what determines our choices and the effects on the choices we make.

4. Discernment: Noticing the differences in our awareness and our experiences in life, in our thoughts and emotions.

5. Personal Truth: Noticing which are our personal truths, our relationship with them, and noticing what is really true for us as opposed to what we think it was our truth.

6. Truth in Action: Living our truth and making baby steps towards manifesting our personal truth, what supports that? what stands in our way?

7. Flow: Noticing the moments of flow in our body and in our daily lives.  Flow is the experience of deep focus on what we are doing. It is the space between thoughts, beyond time.

The All-Day (9am-5pm) Silent Retreat is an exploration of Relationship to Self. to others and to our environment, without loosing ourselves in the process.

Each 2-1/2 hr session includes a yoga practice (postures and breath) guided by a theme to help in the deep exploration of the mind-body and its wisdom. Follows a “speaking circle” -an opportunity to speak (voluntary) about the experience and be listened to in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting. Being listened to our experience as we put it in words, is part of the healing aspect of this program. There is also time for journaling and for sharing one’s truth with just one person and for guidance for home practice. Written material with suggestions to apply each week’s theme and personal practice is included.

To Pre-Register or more information : e-mail: or call (804) 342-1061/677-3199

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