The Healthy Heart, a video with Dr Dean Ornish, MD

The Healthy Heart, a video with Dr Dean Ornish, MD

When: Friday April 21, 7pm – 8:30pm

 Where: Integral Yoga Center of Richmond, 213 Roseneath Rd, Richmond, VA, 23221, United States (map)
 Description:  Dr. Dean Ornish details his healthy heart program, which consists of a low-fat vegetarian diet, Yoga and meditation and other healthy lifestyle changes. This program has been scientifically proven to prevent and reverse heart disease. Dr. Ornish recommends that you decide how much change you want and need to make. Remember, it’s not all or nothing—the more you do, the more benefit you’ll experience. There is a spectrum of diet choices you can make: the Reversal Diet and the Prevention Diet are based on the idea that some people need to make bigger changes than others.

Likewise, you have a spectrum of choices in how much you exercise and how much Yoga you choose to do. He says that even a few minutes a day can make a profound difference in your well-being. He points out that even if you’re not ready to make big changes now, just thinking about them for a while may help you to do so later, when you’re ready. On the other hand, while even small, gradual changes have clear benefits, some people find that it’s actually easier to make big changes all at once. They feel so much better, so quickly—in many cases within just a few days—that it reframes the reason for changing diet and lifestyle from fear of dying to joy of living.

Dr. Dean Ornish, MD is a physician and scientist, well-known for the develop- ment of the comprehensive lifestyle change program for reversing heart disease, that is supported by a quarter century of research. He is also the founder, president and director of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute (PMRI), located in Sausalito, California. Most recently Dr. Ornish and his colleagues at PMRI have been studying the effects of these same comprehensive lifestyle changes on the progression of early stage prostate cancer. His latest book, The Spectrum, is now available. For more information visit:

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Dr Dean Ornish and Swami Satchidananda

Dean Ornish & Gurudev

Dean Ornish book coverDr Ornish’s pioneer
work on reversing
Heart Disease
 Dr Dean Ornish and Swami Satchidananda
This video screening will be shown after our monthly KIRTAN (chanting) 6-7pm, lead by Nitya Lydia Griffith, Teachers-in-Training and Mentors. Sug. donation: $10

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