ANNE Budhevi Fletcher

Anne’s interest in yoga began in 1985 when she attended her first yoga classes in Richmond – in the basement of a church on Park Avenue in the Fan. She also studied Tai Chi for many years before focusing on yoga in 2009. Over the past seven years, Anne has practiced various forms of yoga, from Hatha, to Vinyassa and Power Yoga. It was after a day visit to the Ashram at Yogaville that she became interested in Integral Yoga – because of its spiritual and inclusive approach. Anne completed her Yoga Teacher Training through the Integral Yoga Center of Richmond in April 2016. She was given the name “Bhudevi” the Hindu goddess representing Mother Earth. This is an appropriate name given Anne’s interest in gardening and sustainable living practices that honor the Earth.

Anne completed her Yoga Teacher Training through the Integral Yoga Center of Richmond in April 2016. She was given the name “Bhudevi” the Hindu goddess representing Mother Earth. This is an appropriate name given Anne’s interest in gardening and sustainable living practices that honor the Earth.

ANNE teaches: Mindful Yoga (mixed level)

  • Saturdays @ 9:30am

NORA Vimala Pozzi (Director)

In 1995, after working 13 years as an architect, Nora Vimala Pozzi, E-RYT500PRYTYcat, transitioned from part-time to full-time owner and director of the Richmond IYC and a Yoga Educator. She became director of the Teacher Training Program in 1999 and a Yoga Therapist in 2001.

Her yoga postgraduate teaching certifications from Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, include: “Advanced Hatha Yoga”, “Yoga for Stress Management”, ”Raja Yoga” (Yoga philosophy and psychology), having also served as faculty for the teacher training program since 2006. She is also certified in “Prenatal Yoga”, “Yoga for Kids and Teens”, “Yoga for the Heart” (Nischala Devi’s program, based on Dr. Dean Ornish’s program to reverse Heart Disease), and “Yoga for People with Cancer and  Chronic Illness-YCat” (Jnani Chapman’s program) where she is also senior Faculty. She attended Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program for Health Care practitioners. Vimala is a also a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Certified Group Facilitator, as well as a Reiki Master. Vimala is currently serving as trainer for the TAIY (Therapeutic Applications of Integral Yoga) the 300hrs course for the IAYT  “grandparenting” process towards the IAYT’s individual therapist registration.

Nora Vimala offers yoga classes for various levels of ability and health conditions, yoga therapy—individual and group sessions, lectures and workshops on various subjects related to yoga, stress, health and mindfulness. She has been a speaker and presenter at many yoga conferences and at events for various public and private organizations. She also teaches and lectures nationally and internationally in English and Spanish, which is her original language.

NORA Vimala teaches: Extra Gentle Yoga, Continuing Mindful Yoga

UMA Melinda Nolen (not currently teaching at this time)

In the spring of 1983, UMA took Integral Yoga Teacher Training with Prahaladan Mandelkorn in Richmond. She received her certification and was given her yoga name, Uma, by Swami Satchidananda at Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, in Buckingham, Virginia. In the fall of 1983, she started teaching yoga in Richmond, VA. At that time, Richmond Integral Yoga had six or seven Certified Integral Yoga teachers and they taught in schools, churches, and community centers in Richmond and surrounding counties. UMA was part of the first and ONLY yoga in Richmond! In 1986, Prahaladan and Shanti Mandelkorn left Richmond and moved to Yogaville. UMA became Co-Director of the Richmond Integral Yoga Institute with Marilyn Sarojini Miller. Marilyn and UMA coordinated six to seven teachers who taught at various locations in and around Richmond, VA.

UMA teaches: Continuing  Mindful Yoga

  • Thursdays @ 6pm


SHANNA Praneshwari Latia  (not currently teaching at this time)


Shanna Praneshwari Latia, is a certified Integral Yoga Teacher and healer. Her presence radiates peace, love and light, 3 qualities that are inherent to her beautiful being. She is dedicated to her kids, her family, her students and her community. She continues to study, learn and train, so that se can serve and meet her students’ needs. Her passion is outreach to make yoga (and its peaceful benefits) accessible to everybody. Living with Joy and Laughter is her trademark.

SHANNA teaches: Sacred Sound Bath

  • Sundays @ 6:00pm (TBA)


NITIKA Collins Achalam (not currently teaching at this time)

Nitika Achalam’s yoga roots run deep since her mother planted the Hatha seed when she was just a small girl. A lifelong love of all things yoga has been blooming ever since. A certified experienced 500 hour instructor and facilitator of Yoga teacher trainings and founder of True Grit Yoga & Botanica.
She has been guiding yoga sessions since 1999 and continually seeks training in order to deepen her teaching skills in group classes, individualized sessions and corporate experiences. Nitika has studied with yoga greats in order to safely support students in practices of Integral Hatha Yoga Beginner & Intermediate, Yoga for Children, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Arthritis, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga as well as Yogic philosophy- Raja Yoga.

When Nitika is not on the yoga mat she works as a Holistic Wellness Educator with training and expertise in Anthropology, Herbal Arts & Healing, Lifestyle Coaching, Professional Organizing across time and space as well as Reiki. She believes that every person’s wellness journey is unique and each one takes real work. No one has to go it alone, the support is available when you are open to receiving.

NITIKA teaches: TBA

  • TBA

FROM THE “Raja” Yoga Mat

Dear Students, Teachers and friends
of Yoga,
Have you ever thought how YOGA HELPS in our life? Dealing with sickness, loss, grief, or aging? Maybe with daily disappointments or even with lack of purpose in life?
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