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Raja Yoga is the path that explores the nature of our mind, the cause of suffering as well as the way to be free from it.  It is based on 5000 years of people practicing this discipline and 2000 years of people reading about it. The “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is the first written text where these teachings were expounded.  It is amazing that 5000 years ago, people had some of the same challenges we currently experience due to our minds. That is why they are considered universal teachings, still applicable and transformative today.

Vimala Teaching Raja Yoga for the Barcelona IYC TT

Raja Yoga applied to Hatha Yoga offers us an opportunity to bring awareness to each pose in a way that becomes a gift to learn from it, as weexperience it from inside out. Then a new world shows up -our inner landscape- which is now accessible to us, to understand the connection with our outer world.

Understanding is key to change. But to change we first need to reveal what is hidden… and that is one of the main goals of yoga, to lift the veil of ignorance, or as Sri Swami Satchidananda said: “…only the light of understanding will remove the darkness of ignorance”.  That is what the mantra ”Asato Ma Sad Gamaya” -which we chant in class- says: “Lead us from darkness (ignorance) to the Light (wisdom)”

Our Raja Yoga course is just about that: understanding. It forces us to look within, so we can become more aware of the different ways in which we think, talk and act. It gives us practical tools to align them, so we can be more authentic.

Imperfections of Life, Mandala Series, 2010

Following is a testimony from Jessy Farrell, current student of our winter Raja Yoga course:

“I came to Raja Yoga at a time in my life where i found myself astray from my spiritual path. I was feeling lost and found myself stuck in the same cycles without meaning and without much awareness.

This Raja Yoga course has put me in touch with myself. I am much more aware of my thoughts, actions, reactions, and words. It has also helped me cope with feelings of doubt, anger, confusion, hurt, indecisiveness and frustration. It has also taught me how to overcome many of these obstacles. It has given me the tools to become unstuck, the tools to calm my mind and I truly listen to my heart.

I now know my path is a long one, and while I don’t know how long I will be wandering for, I do know that I don’t feel as lost, I have a sense of direction, and have found a little light inside myself which I will continue to nurture and encourage to shine.”

We will continue to offer Raja Classes throughout the year.  Please look at the calendar for more information.

May you find the light of wisdom within,

May you enjoy good health, love and peace,

With love and respect, Om shanti

Nora Vimala Pozzi, E-RYT500, PRYT
Integral Yoga Center or Richmond, director
Integral Yoga Teacher Training, director
Certified Raja Yoga Teacher, Reiki,
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

DISCLAIMER: The yoga therapy components of my instruction and/or practice are based on my Certification by PRYT, not derived from my status as an RYT® with Yoga Alliance Registry

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