Beginners/Mixed Level/Mindful Yoga: Integral Yoga is a yoga style that integrates all the different branches of yoga: Hatha, Karma, Bhakti, Japa and Raja yoga, addressing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. This course offers both, a gentle step-by-step instruction, at a comfortable pace with attention to each student’s needs as well as welcoming experienced students. We explore our bodies with mindfulness, kindness and honesty, in a non-competitive and safe setting. The course includes postures, breathing, chanting, meditation, relaxation techniques and Yoga Philosophy, applying them to our personal lives.

Continuing Yoga: This is the Integral Yoga® system -which includes Asanas (yoga poses), Chanting, Breathing, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and Meditation-.  This course offers an opportunity to explore our “edges” or challenges (physical and mental) in each pose as well as in life. It is practiced with mindfulness and loving-kindness, in a non-competitive and safe setting. Practical application of the Yoga philosophy to the poses and daily life, as well as bringing awareness to the power of yoga healing to many health conditions. It encourages to develop a daily personal practice. As we learn how to master the body, we learn how to master the mind.

 X-Gentle Yoga: A gentle class combining “Chair Yoga” with yoga on the mat. Specially designed for people with different physical limitations, post-surgery, arthritis, hip/knee replacement, injuries, cancer or for those who enjoy a slow pace in a caring safe setting. Some of the benefits:  Breathing, relaxation, flexibility, balance, strength, better sleep, pain management, inner peace. This class fills very quick!

 Chair Yoga: A gentle class combining “Chair Yoga” with standing poses and yoga on the mat. Specially designed for people at their workplace, and those who work sitting at the computer for long periods of time, and those with some physical limitations, post-surgery, arthritis, hip/knee replacement, injuries, cancer or for those who enjoy a slow pace in a caring safe setting. Some of the benefits:  Breathing, relaxation, flexibility, balance, strength, better sleep, pain management, inner peace.

Earth Yoga Mindfulness in the Natural World: A class for For Environmentalists, Gardeners and Earth Lovers: The earth is our universal home – a place we should regard as sacred, and a place of rest and growth. The earth is the source of life, knowledge, harmony, and positive energy. In this class we participate in a moving meditation to connect us to our life source while also connecting to our infinite universal source. The format of the class is based on Integral Hatha Yoga, and includes yoga Postures on the mat, Breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) with Moving Mediation. The theme of the Earth is weft through out the class.

Yoga 4 EverybodyA gentle approach to yoga accepting your body just as it is, starting where you are: We don’t all love our bodies or the way we look.  When we see ads in yoga magazines for yoga classes or yoga studios, we are often faced with an extremely flexible person who can bend and stretch in ways we can’t imagine our own body moving.  If you struggle with issues with your self-image, you are not alone.  Embark on a journey to learn how to be kind to yourself, and achieve goals you never thought possible in a safe caring setting.  Each class begins with a short reading leading to a step-by-step instruction of yoga on the mat, consisting of yoga postures and breathing techniques, tailored to each student’s needs.  No yoga experience necessary.

Yoga Drum Dance: Yoga and drumming are connected on a spiritual level. The drum is designed to stimulate our hearts and minds. Yoga is intended to unify the mind, body, and spirit. The synthesis of Yoga and Drumming inspires the mind/body to embrace the soul, as participants are encouraged to create a personal Yoga dance, which expresses the freedom of spirit. In this workshop, participants will engage in hatha yoga, pranayama, guided visualization, drum yoga, vinyasa, joy and blissful dance.

Laugha Yoga: Laugha Yoga, is a simple yet powerful practice that works through laughter that has many health benefits: can cause a profound improvement in mood; reduce tension & stress; boost of the immune system; relieve little aches and pains; help connect to the true self. Join in this mirth-filled workshop and experience first hand the scientifically proven benefits of laughing for the heck of it.

Family Yoga:  This class is geared to the entire family and includes mindful meditation, yoga stretches done in a playful way and breathing, creating a format that can be replicated at home. (ages 4-9).

Surprise Tuesday Class: The idea of these series of classes is to offer a different aspect of yoga every week, from Yoga & Dance Movement, Yoga and Drawing Mandalas, Meditation Techniques, Journaling as Self Inquiry, Playing with the Sutras, and Intro to Yoga Philosophy, Playful Yoga, etc. We will be announcing the class the week before via email and/or FB and we will post it in our webpage. By Donation Only.

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    The practices and principles of Integral Yoga are the foundation of Dr. Dean Ornish’s landmark work on reversing heart disease and Dr. Michael Lerner’s Commonweal Cancer Help program.
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