Rev Nora Vimala Pozzi, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, PRYT, YcaT, has been the Director of Integral Yoga® Center of Richmond since 1992 and director of the Richmond Integral Yoga® Teacher Training Program in 1999. Vimala created the Richmond TT curriculum (based on Yogaville’s, but adapted and reframed to fit a non-residential program0), in order to meet the needs of prospective teachers who could not take a month off for a residential program  (such as the ones offered by Yogaville) due to work or family constraints.

Her understanding of the Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), which she considers the foundation of this program, is perhaps the most comprehensive and demanding aspect of the program, since those enrolled in it, are required to apply the ten ethical principles of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas, and other relevant sutras, such as Practice and Non-attachment, to their daily lives, journal daily, share in class and learn from them. The Raja Yoga portion of this program is taught in-depth during the first 3 months of the program, and includes also the 6 branches of Yoga (the trademark of Integral Yoga) and Interfaith educations and practice.

Additional instruction and support has been provided in the past by the Richmond Integral Yoga® Teacher Training staff.  We have been blessed  by the some great certified integral yoga teachers and mentors who have participated in previous trainings for our mentoring programs, such as: Jane Karuna Gordon, Kavita Kathy Sullivan, Jagadamba Jane Barr, Nitika Collins Achalam,  Kalyani Karen Levitt, Nalini Debbie Fazenbaker, Anne Bhudevi Fletcher, Cynthia Chinmayi Butler, Nitya Lydia Griffith,  Siv Ariaka Ranko, Karla Dharmini Helbert, Jodi Ananda Urban, Natalie Padmasri Turley, Melinda Uma Nolen, Lakshya Laura Trow, Abhaya Darryl Norton,, Lalita Joan Wilder, Padma Penny Sedgley, Supriya Butz, Dr Robert Goldschmidt and more. Ongoing support and advice from the very first training has been Integral Yoga teacher Gigi Jyothi Robson.

In addition many other teachers and experts in specific fields, including senior disciples of Swami Satchidananda who reside in Yogaville, have been part of this program over the years, offering workshops, retreats, and hands-on lectures to our course participants, including the ones offered at our long weekend Yoga Immersion Retreat in Yogaville.

For more detailed information, see Nora Vimala Pozzi’s bio page.

DISCLAIMER: The yoga therapy components of my instruction and/or practice are based on my Certification by PRYT, not derived from my status as an RYT® with Yoga Alliance Registry

  • 2018-19 TT FREE Orientation Meetings

    Next meeting: Tuesday JULY 10, 6-8pm

    Additional meetings will be offered before the Teacher Training starts until course is FULL.

    For questions to receive application form or to set up a meeting, please call or email us

    Please confirm attendance to or at 804-342-1061(w) or 677-3199 (cel)

    Integral Yoga Center of Richmond
    213 Roseneath Rd, S#102
    behind Temple Beth-El on Grove Ave (Museum District)
    Ample parking behind the building.

FROM THE “Raja” Yoga Mat

Dear Students, Teachers and friends
of Yoga,
Have you ever thought how YOGA HELPS in our life? Dealing with sickness, loss, grief, or aging? Maybe with daily disappointments or even with lack of purpose in life?
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Resources and links to organizations affiliated with Integral Yoga® International, Satchidananda Ashram and those with whom IYC of Richmond share similar values.
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Winter Classes

Winter Session is Jan-Feb
To see specific dates and times, go to Current Classes or Calendar

- Weekly Beginner, Mixed, and Continuing Mindful Yoga with cIYT Instructors: Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
- Laughter Yoga: Fridays -or- Sundays
- Kirtan: Fridays
- CHAIR YOGA: Wednesdays
- Sacred Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra: Sundays
- Weekend Workshops and Trainings for T.T. and CEU's

Updates, Kirtan and Sound Bath Dates:

THERE IS CLASS TONITE AT 6PM (Monday January 21, 2019). See you there!

Kirtan (chanting), 6:00-7:00pm

  • Friday, Feb 15
  • Sug. Donation: $10

Sacred Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra


  • Sunday, Jan 27 (New date!!)
  • Sunday, Feb 17
  • Sug. Donation $10


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