Yoga is not a recent trend, nor is it a religion. Yoga is a systematic, ancient approach to health and well being. Yoga tones and relaxes the entire system while bringing the mind and body into perfect balance. The goal of Yoga can be summarized in three words: easeful, peaceful and useful. If you are physically easeful and mentally peaceful, then you will be useful to humanity. That is the aim of Yoga. In the West, the most familiar Yoga practice is Hatha Yoga, Yoga of the physical body. This is only one part of a larger system of Yoga to make the body and mind pure and focused. The Integral Yoga® System combines many methods of Yogic practice, integrating the many branches into a varied yet simple system.

FROM THE “Raja” Yoga Mat

Dear Students, Teachers and friends
of Yoga,
Have you ever thought how YOGA HELPS in our life? Dealing with sickness, loss, grief, or aging? Maybe with daily disappointments or even with lack of purpose in life?
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Resources and links to organizations affiliated with Integral Yoga® International, Satchidananda Ashram and those with whom IYC of Richmond share similar values.
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Third Fridays of the month. 6-7pm


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Next KIRTAN (Chanting): Friday October 19, 6-7pm Lead by Integral Yoga Teachers Third Friday of the month, 6-7pm
Donation $10 at the door November Kirtan led by SITA ROSE, from Yogaville Friday November 16, 6-7pm


CANCELLATIONS due to WEATHER: Thur Oct 11, 6pm Mindfulness Yoga w/ Uma Melinda: CANCELED Sat Oct 12, 10:30am, Mindfulness Yoga w/Anne TBA 1. FALL classes: Sep-Dec. See calendar. 2. LAUGHTER YOGA w/Slash -Fridays 6-7pm except when it's on Sun. This month: Sun October 21, 10am. 3. IY Teacher Training starts Tue Oct 30-May 4. FULL! 4. ACCESSIBLE YOGA Training Oct 12-14: SOLD OUT!

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